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  • Don't even try to cheat us - you'll be detected (100%) and punished!
  • No iframes, consoles, trojans and viruses on your pages!
  • Use of spyware/adware/malware is forbidden
  • Use of sponsors like LoudCash, ZangaToolbar and the like is forbidden
  • Use of VideoCash gals and other sponsors with non-standard codecs is forbidden
  • Your site must have at least 50% skim
  • Minimum trade 100 hits/day
  • Trade with low productivity or non active trade will be deleted without notice
  • You need to have a toplist on your site
  • No subdomains allowed
  • Please, only busty, BBW, mature, pregnant or ebony sites start trade
  • Contact me on ICQ for a trade. Please, be more concrete in your messages. I won't respond to the phrases like "hi", "hello", "are you here?"

Attention! BustyGalleries can trade by niche pages now! If you have niche site you can send traffic to one of the following pages:
  • BBW & Fat: http://www.bustygalleries.com/fat/
  • Big Tits: http://www.bustygalleries.com/boobs/
  • Mature & Granny: http://www.bustygalleries.com/mature/
  • Pregnant: http://www.bustygalleries.com/pregnant/
  • Ebony (preffered black bbw): http://www.bustygalleries.com/ebony/
Or you can simply send traffic to main page: http://www.bustygalleries.com/ (except ebony sites!)

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